Gold Leaf with Ink Set

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This glass dip pen is an elegant glass writing instrument with a "ribbon" entwined inside. One side of the ribbon displays one of 13 unique colors while the other side of the ribbon is a gold leaf. The pen is trimmed with a contrasting color. Some dip pens have more than one color of ribbon and trim! 

Our glass dip pens are beautifully balanced and have a comfortable grip. This glass dipping pen with ribbon and gold leaf is a work of art and a writing piece that any serious writer will want in their collection. 

    • Traditional writing light glass dip pen with vintage style, reminiscent of the quill pen, perfect for decoration and collection
    • You only need a 10-second cleaning before switching colors, just swish in water and dry with a paper towel
    • It is lovely in the pen holder/inkwell. Very beautiful and cute decoration on your desk
    • Looks cool, feels good in the hand, comfortable weight and perfect length
    • An exquisite twisting pattern pulses through the shaft of the pen.

    1. Dip the nib of the pen in your ink.
    2. Allow any excess ink to drip into the below
    3. Write! Using a light amount of pressure
    4. If you're changing colors, just dip the nib in water or gently rinse off the ink under a faucet.
    5. Pat dry with a paper towel before dipping into a new ink.

    Just Pen :

    1.  Handmade Gold Leaf Glass Pen (19 cm)

    Pen with 1 Ink :

    1.  Handmade Gold Leaf Glass Pen (19 cm)
    2.  1 Ink
    3.  Glass Pen Holder

    Pen with 4 Inks :

    1.  Handmade Gold Leaf Glass Pen (19 cm)
    2.  4 Inks
    3.  Glass Pen Holder
    4.  Glass Pen Washer
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